Cancer is formed by out of control growth of cells in the tissue. There are over hundreds of types of cancer which solely depend on which part of the membrane is affected. When cancerous tissue arises from altered cells growing without concern, they lead to the formation of lumps or masses of tissue which protrude unnaturally called tumors. It is evident in all types of cancers except that of blood cancer, Leukemia.

Tumors are said to be dangerous to health when it finds a way to mutate and spread throughout the body. It is called invasion when a cancerous tissue finds a way to spread throughout the body by finding pathways through the lymphatic system or blood leading to damage of healthy tissue in the process of invasion.


Tumors can also cause lethal damage by mutating and finding itself a way to successfully grow and divide by feeding itself from the formation of new blood vessels through a process called angiogenesis.

Metastasis is a stage which is difficult to treat caused by the spread and circulation of cancerous tissue throughout the body affecting other vital organs and damaging and invading healthy tissue.

In the United States, cancer-related deaths are the second most common cause of deaths in the entire nation. The American Cancer Society has stated that one in every four person dies from such cancerous diseases.

Cancer can be broadly classified into five different groups.

Carcinomas are caused by cancerous cells that cover the internal and external parts of the body, namely lungs, breasts, and colon.

Sarcomas are formed by cancerous cells located in fat, bone, connective tissue, cartilage, and muscle.

Lymphomas are types of cancer that commence from the immune system tissue and lymph nodes.

Leukemias are forms of cancer that initiate from within the bone, bone marrow while it accumulates and spreads through the bloodstream.

Adenomas are the specific sort of cancer that arises from the pituitary gland, adrenal gland, thyroid, and other epithelial tissues.

Symptoms of cancer can either be physically felt or seen as a lump on the surface of the skin, breast or testicle.  Oral cancers can be identified by color variation patches inside the mouth and tongue. Brain tumors can be detected through impairments in vital cognitive functions. Pancreatic cancers can be identified through the yellow coloring the eye and occurrence of jaundice. Colon cancers can be noticed through an increase in constipation, diarrhea and stool size differences.

Cancer uses the body’s energy and disrupts hormone function. Any rise in fever, fatigue, excessive sweating for no reason and loss of weight without reason are to be noticed and addressed immediately for safety precautions.